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Arad-Ayalon and Nachmani Law Firm

The law firm Arad-Ayalon and Nachmani specializes in representing clients in complex legal proceedings, often involving high-profile and high-risk litigation. The proceedings in question will usually have a critical impact and effect on the client’s affairs, very often including aspects touching on fundamental and critical questions of principle as well as being in the media spotlight.
Among its other undertakings, the firm handles unique criminal matters, media law and defamation, cases involving sexual harassment as well as complex civil disputes.The firm’s founder, Mr. Dror Arad-Ayalon is a senior attorney and well-recognized amongst the community of lawyers in Israel. Under his leadership, the firm has been actively involved in some of the most high-profile of legal cases, including public and state commissions of inquiry, criminal cases, representing media organizations and plaintiffs in libel and slander cases, civil disputes, representing senior individuals caught up in disciplinary proceedings and proceedings of a public nature. Attorney Dror Arad-Ayalon served as chairman of the National Ethics Committee of the Israel Bar Association, and is a member of various public committees.

Mr. Yovel Nachmani, the managing partner, joined the firm as a partner in 2010, after accruing a decade of representation experience involving the most complex of criminal cases. Additionally, he specializes in diverse civil litigation, representing clients before various audit bodies as well as in sexual harassment cases.
Working alongside them, the firm employs a team of superb lawyers who joined the firm based on previous achievements and a striving for excellence in the demanding field of high-risk litigation.
The firm attaches great importance to public involvement and making contributions to society and is a member in the Haim Cohen Center for Human Rights.

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